Management & Consultancy

Asbestos Management

Asbestos management and the precise requirements can be challenging without the right information and data. Clearwater prides itself in working closely with clients to ensure the correct information, documentation and procedures are being adhered to, in order to keep you safe!

Our fundamental aim is asbestos management and the associated risks. Inspections and surveys become the starting point for the legal duty of care for asbestos management. Clearwater provides a step by step solution, ensuring our clients exposure to risks and subsequent liabilities are reduced and professionally managed.

With our wealth of experience and knowledge, Clearwater provide trustworthy, professional advice and reliable document production in line with current legislation.

Asbestos Policy

Over the years we have found that many companies and associations have poor or outdated asbestos policies. Asbestos documentation needs to be maintained and a regular re-inspection programme can help solve this problem. As properties get older, maintenance and refurbishment programs take place. The omission of a re-inspection programme creates a disconnect from the actual day to day interaction of people with asbestos found onsite.

When a policy states that ‘No asbestos will be worked on by any member of staff’, this could lead to operational maintenance activities being compromised or cleaning activities halted. Clearwater can produce an asbestos policy that meets with the actual needs and expectations of the organisation and complies with relevant legislation.

Asbestos Management Plan

An Asbestos Management Plan gives the procedural background ensuring the asbestos policy is being adhered to. The development of an Asbestos Management Plan allows an organisation to meet its obligations under law, whilst maintaining complete operational capabilities.

Clearwater produces an Asbestos Management Plan in consultation with the client, ensuring the plan is tailored to meet the client’s objectives.

Tender Specification

We offer the production of tender specifications to enable asbestos removal projects to be conducted with confidence in the scope of work required and the safe disposal of the asbestos materials. Our goal is to provide clear specifications with a realistic approach to ensure safe, environmentally sound, cost-effective remediation projects.

Tender Appraisal

Clearwater offer independent appraisals of third party tender returns for technical competence and abilities to fulfil the asbestos abatement requirements of any given project.

Historically, appraisal of tenders might simply have identified the lowest-priced, compliant bid. This may still be appropriate for very simple contracts, however, for asbestos removal contracts, it may not result in the best value tender being selected. There is a tendency under such systems for tenderers to submit low prices and then find ways to charge more once the contract has been secured.

Appraisals that identify the tender that best meets the client’s needs and offers the best value for money can be more beneficial in the long run. This is sometimes referred to as the ‘most economically advantageous tender’ (MEAT) approach as opposed to the lowest-price approach.

The client’s needs, priorities and definition of value will be unique for each project, and so appraisal criteria will differ from project to project. During the pre-qualification process, appraisal criteria is referred to as ‘selection criteria’ whereas during the tender process this is referred to as ‘award criteria’.

Typically, appraisals might consider some of the following criteria:

  • Price
  • Relevant experience
  • Understanding of the requirements
  • Past performance
  • Technical skills
  • Resource availability
  • Management skills and systems
  • Proposed methodology (this might include asbestos removal method statements and risk assessments)
  • Compliance with the requirements set out in the invitation to tender
  • Accreditation’s held

A number of criteria would be selected for appraisal to ascertain a score and identify the most appropriate tender. Following this, a contract can be awarded to the successful party.

Clearwater Surveying with TEAMS

Our system enables the surveyor to digitally capture the asbestos survey information onsite via a smart mobile device powered by a bespoke surveying application.


  1. Client instruction received
  2. Appointment booked
  3. Job transferred to surveyor
  4. Survey performed onsite
  5. Data transferred back to Clearwater office
  6. Report authorised
  7. Asbestos survey report available to client via web portal
Maintenance & Operation Programs

Maintenance and Operation (M&O) programs provide building owners with viable alternatives to asbestos removal. M&O programs include periodic re-inspection and monitoring changes in potential exposures to building occupants.

M&O programs can also include training & procedures for addressing everyday response and small scale maintenance related asbestos contact. The program also establishes standard operating procedures to be followed by maintenance personnel who may come into contact with asbestos.

  • Identify and prioritise potential hazards
  • Occupant and maintenance awareness training
  • Periodic surveillance & assessment of asbestos-containing materials
  • Hazard communication to third party contractors
  • Development of standard operating procedures for maintenance and other staff