Asbestos Surveying Services

Management Survey

A management survey is the first of our standard asbestos surveying services. Its purpose is to locate, as far as reasonably practicable, the presence and extent of any suspect ACM’s in the building which could be damaged or disturbed during normal occupancy, including foreseeable maintenance and installation, and to assess their condition.

The survey will involve sampling and analysis of suspected ACM’s to confirm the presence or absence of asbestos fibres. However, a management survey can also involve presuming the presence of asbestos. A management survey can be completed using a combination of sampling ACM’s and presuming ACM’s or, indeed, just presuming.

The management survey provides a register of asbestos containing materials for the site and assists with the creation and implementation of a management plan. In turn, this is the required minimum standard of Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, Regulation 4, Duty to Manage.

Refurbishment Survey

A refurbishment survey is another one of our asbestos surveying services and is required where refurbishment work or other work involving disturbance to the fabric of the building, fixtures & fittings is necessary. The approach to a refurbishment survey is similar to that for management surveys, although the inspection technique is more aggressive to identify any potential ACM’s that may be concealed, utilising destructive inspection techniques. The refurbishment survey can be targeted to specific areas where works will take place, or conducted throughout a building.

Demolition Survey

Demolition surveys are similar to that of a refurbishment survey, but potentially also more intrusive. A demolition survey should only be instructed if a building or part of a building is due to be demolished. The inspection techniques are highly destructive whereby inspection techniques will be used in a way to gain full access to all areas.

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Combined Management & Refurbishment Survey

As the name suggests, this survey utilises both techniques from the management survey and refurbishment survey respectively. The survey is designed to tailor the refurbishment element of the survey specific to the planned works, whilst also conducting a management survey to the remainder of the building. This in turn provides the duty holder with the management survey data to ensure ongoing compliance, whilst any other relevant party completing the refurbishment works benefits from the tailored refurbishment survey.


Re-inspections are an intrinsic link to maintaining ongoing compliance, and are often overlooked. Re-inspections are key and should feature heavily in the Asbestos Management Plan. It is often thought that once an initial survey has been completed, satisfactory compliance has been reached. When the reality of the situation is that a robust Asbestos Management Plan needs to be implemented and maintained. This should include a thorough re-inspection regime of the property stock where ACM’s have formerly been located. The re-inspection is designed to inspect for any degradation of the previously identified materials, whilst conducting a full material assessment of each item and supplying updated condition details and recommended management actions to assist the duty holder thereafter. Re-inspections should be commissioned annually.

Asbestos Surveying Services

Asbestos surveying services and inspections are both specialised and for the most part are dependent on a high degree of surveyor experience. Clearwater Environmental Ltd has invested in both technology and people to ensure our surveys and inspections not only meet the current requirements, but will facilitate long term asbestos management.

The Clearwater operations team is made from a dedicated group of experienced asbestos surveyors and consultants managing asbestos surveying services, inspections and sample collection. The UKAS accreditation for asbestos surveying and inspections affords Clearwater the ability to offer a wide range of asbestos related services.

Asbestos Report Content

Clearwaters’ asbestos surveying services report consists of the following sections…

  • Contact information
  • Executive summary
  • Survey brief
  • Survey techniques
  • Sample analysis and referencing
  • Reservations
  • Specific reservations
  • Recommendations for management actions
  • Register of asbestos containing materials
  • Asbestos sample records
  • Bulk analysis certificate (if applicable)
  • Site plans in CAD format