Asbestos Laboratory

Asbestos Laboratory Testing

Our Asbestos Laboratory has been designed to offer efficient, cost effective asbestos testing whilst still maintaining the high levels of quality required, ensuring correct reporting of results.

The high volume and low cost margins does not affect the analysis process as stringent quality control and bespoke software systems (TEAMS) enable the performance of the asbestos laboratory to be maintained.

Key asbestos laboratory testing features include:
UKAS Testing Accreditation

All testing conducted in the asbestos laboratory is covered by our UKAS testing accreditation in accordance with European Standard ISO 17025, with all testing staff holding the minimum qualification of P401 BOHS (British Occupational Hygiene Society). Testing is performed using polarised light microscopy (PLM) as detailed in HSG 248 (Asbestos: the analysts guide for sampling, analysis and clearance procedures).

Emergency Analysis Available

In cases where an asbestos testing result is required immediately the asbestos laboratory can dispatch a qualified member of staff to collect and analyse samples. Our structure is such that we can also perform immediate analysis on samples the moment they are delivered to our asbestos laboratory.

Commercial in Confidence Service

Clients can rest assured that all information provided to us and the subsequent testing/inspection results remain commercial in confidence as a direct requirement of our UKAS accreditation. No information is made available to any third party without the express consent of the client.

Our TEAMS surveying system can also deal with anonymous samples and a host of client own reference identifiers.

TEAMS Software Tracking and Reporting

Suspect materials that enter the asbestos laboratory are recorded onto the sample information database called TEAMS where all relevant information for the tracking and analysis of the sample is recorded. Clients can be given live updates on the status of asbestos samples within the system, from awaiting analysis, through authorisation to completion.

Sample Collection/Pick up Services

Samples can be collected and delivered to the Clearwater asbestos laboratory on our client’s behalf. Currently pick up points are available on predetermined dates throughout the UK. If timescales for results dictate, a specific collection can be offered.

Sample Bag Supply

To ensure the safe transportation and efficient retention of suspected materials Clearwater will provide sample bags free of charge to our on-going asbestos testing clients. This service is available upon request from the laboratory.

Electronic Reports

Following analysis the final result certification is checked and authorised through TEAMS. On completion the results certificate is available as a PDF file for immediate e-mail to the client or available for digital download via our web portal at any time.